Davis Immigration Law Office is a full service immigration law firm that has been practicing since 1997. Managing partner David H. Davis has been actively engaged in the practice of immigration law since 1988 and is licensed under the Manitoba Law Society. Davis Immigration Law Office focuses on the area of Canadian immigration for all background and cultures and also assists Canadians with entry for business and personal reasons into the United States of America.

The Davis Immigration Law Office team is comprised of David H. Davis, managing partner and Vinh Dang, immigration partner with Investment and Migration Agency Vietnam (IMA VIETNAM) in Hochiminh City/Saigon. IMA Vietnam can, in conjunction with Davis Laws, deal with all clients’ works inside Vietnam.

The firm’s tools and knowledge of Canadian immigration laws can assist you and your family in getting Permanent Residence in Canada and in establishing yourself when you arrive. Each year, Davis Immigration Law Office aids hundreds of people from around the world in getting to Canada and making it their new home. We are proud to have over 15 years experience in immigration law and offer customized advice to fit your specific needs.

Immigration has become much more complicated since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. New rules and regulations on both sides of the United States and Canadian borders have created new challenges. Davis Immigration Law Office understands the intricacies of these regulations and policies and can assist you in crossing the border into the USA.