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l1011967Our Difference – How we can help you find Great People

The reality for many Canadian employers is that the growth of our economy has not been matched by a comparable Canadian workforce expansion. As new job opportunities arise and technology shifts into high gear in many Canadian regions and industries, demand for employees exceeds supply. When time equals money the timing of finding workers is more important than ever. This is where we can help; by assisting Canadian employers need help finding more skilled workers.

As luck would have it, as a Canadian employer, you have some options and are not just limited to the Canadian workforce in your search for qualified employees. There’s a wealth of foreign skilled workers and professionals who want to call Canada home. Most people who are seeking work in Canada are highly motivated, to work your way and will be among the most loyal of your employees.

So let’s move onto to put to rest any reservations you may have about investigating this process. The process of finding and relocating a worker to your area is not as scary as you might think. It is really quite simple. You have two options you can find temporary workers or permanent workers.

All you need to get started is to offer a Job in Canada

The process is pretty straight forward! To get the process started you will need to write a job offer that contains the following:

  1. The Job title and description of the job including the outline of tasks
  2. Credentials required for the position be as specific as possible
  3. Details that outline the term of the position
  4. Wage details either salary, hourly and an outline of any other benefits you plan to offer
  5. Your (the employer’s) name and address, the location where the position will mainly work

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