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Full Service Immigration Law Firm

Immigration Law Firm

Davis Immigration Law Office Immigration Services is a full service immigration law firm. The law firm of Davis Immigration Law Office commenced in 1997 although the managing partner, David H. Davis, has been actively engaged in the practice of immigration law since 1988.

Davis Immigration Law Office practices mainly in the area of Canadian immigration for all backgrounds and cultures and also assists Canadians with entry for business and personal reasons into the United States of America.

The firm possesses the necessary tools and knowledge of Canadian immigration matters in order to assist you and your family to successfully apply for and receive Permanent Residence in Canada and to establish yourself upon your arrival. Each year, the firm helps hundreds of individuals from around the world to make Canada their home.

The firm also has a vast knowledge of border issues and selection criteria to assist Canadian citizens to cross the border into the USA. Since 9/11 crossing the longest undefended border has become complicated. New rules and regulations on both sides of the border have made it a more difficult challenge than we would otherwise like. If you have experienced difficulties in crossing the border into the USA then please contact us by email at importantpeople@daviddavislaw.comand we will get back to you as soon as possible.