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Is your company experiencing difficulty finding local workers? Corporate Migration Ventures can help you access new pools of potential employees! We’re experienced in bringing English-speaking workers from foreign countries to work for Canadian companies.

By collaborating with recruiting agencies in different countries, we work closely with organizations like the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), in Manila. We are able to navigate through a myriad of government rules and regulations, both in Canada and in the country the workers will originate from.

Without proper expertise, these rules and regulations can complicate or even prevent you from hiring the workers your company so desperately needs. We have a solid understanding of the processes and procedures that will allow us to save time and money by doing things right the first time. We have a complex screening process that allows us to identify the right individuals to meet your needs.

We are in partnership with a Canadian Immigration Firm, Davis Immigration Law Office.

Did you know that Corp Migration Ventures Inc. and Davis Immigration Law Office are members of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce? Read the article here.

Corp Migration Ventures Inc. is licensed in Alberta as an International Employment Agency.

News Release: Harper Government announces reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program – Ensuring Canadians have first chance at available jobs

Ottawa, Ontario, April 29, 2013—The Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, and the Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, today announced reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

“Canada is experiencing significant skills shortages in many sectors and regions, and Canadians must always have first crack at job opportunities when they become available,” said Minister Finley. “The purpose of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is to help fill genuine and acute labour needs and we have been reviewing the program to ensure that goal is met and Canadian workers are never displaced.”

“These reforms will require that greater efforts be made to recruit and train Canadians to fill available jobs,” said Minister Kenney. “They will also help ensure the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is only used as intended—to fill acute skills shortages on a temporary basis.”

Stemming from the ongoing review of the TFWP, and as announced in Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2013, the Government is introducing legislative, regulatory and administrative changes that will:

  • effective immediately, require employers to pay temporary foreign workers at the prevailing wage by removing the existing wage flexibility;
  • effective immediately, temporarily suspend the Accelerated Labour Market Opinion process;
  • increase the Government’s authority to suspend and revoke work permits and Labour Market Opinions (LMOs) if the program is being misused;
  • add questions to employer LMO applications to ensure that the TFWP is not used to facilitate the outsourcing of Canadian jobs;
  • ensure employers who rely on temporary foreign workers have a firm plan in place to transition to a Canadian workforce over time through the LMO process;
  • introduce fees for employers for the processing of LMOs and increase the fees for work permits so that the taxpayers are no longer subsidizing the costs; and
  • identify English and French as the only languages that can be used as a job requirement.

The Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program and other primary agricultural occupations will be subject to the reform that will increase the Government’s authority to suspend and revoke work permits and LMOs if they are being misused. However, they will be unaffected by the remaining reforms, as there are proven acute labour shortages in this industry and the unfilled jobs are truly temporary.
The results of these changes will strengthen and improve the TFWP to support our economic recovery and growth, and ensure that employers make greater efforts to hire Canadians before hiring temporary foreign workers.  These reforms will ensure that the TFWP, which is an important program to deal with acute skills shortages on a temporary basis, is used only as a last resort.

As part of the ongoing review of the TFWP, the Harper government will seek input from Canadians on further changes, to ensure that the Program is working in the best interests of Canadian workers and businesses. Cross-Canada consultations will be held over the coming months with businesses, industry and trade organizations, unions and others on additional changes to the TFWP.

For more information vist: The Canada News Centre


News Release :Visa Application Centre (VAC) opening soon in London

A Visa Application Centre (VAC) for Canada will be opening on May 2, 2013 in London. Operated by VFS Global, it will be located at The Battleship Building, 179 Harrow Road, London W2 6NB. Once available, a link to the VAC website will be provided here.

As of May 2, 2013, all applications for Temporary Resident Visas, Study Permits and Work Permits for Canada will have to either be submitted on-line at Citizenship and Immigration Canada or via the Visa Application Centre (VAC). This applies to both in-person applications and those submitted by post or courier. Details on the process for submitting applications to the VAC will be provided shortly.

While we will continue, on an exceptional basis, to accept a very limited number of applications which are submitted directly to this office in person, applications submitted on-line or to the VAC will receive priority processing. Other applications may take considerably longer to process.

By submitting your application to the VAC, you will be able to take advantage of extended hours of service, more flexible payment methods, online tracking of applications and the assurance that your application has been completed properly with the correct documentation submitted. We are confident that this will lead to more efficient processing of your application.

NEWS RELEASE: New Federal Skilled Trades Program Accepts Applications Starting JANUARY 2, 2013

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