For Workers


We are looking for those that are english-speaking,at the top in their field and interested in relocating to Canada. We will ensure you are treated fairly throughout the process. As a worker you will not be charged any fees to be a part of our program. We will create an employment plan for you that will highlight your skills.

How to get started:

  1. Compile your experience into a clear resume. Highlight your skills, education and employment history with both month and year each began and finished
  2. Your resume is your opportunity to highlight your qualifications. Be sure to include all previous jobs, holes in a resume leave questions in the employers mind. If there was a legitimate reason indicate it in the relevant areas. Ex. Took 6 months off to care for children.
  3. Be Truthful, ensure the information is accurate.
  4. List all languages and if you can both read and write in each language.
  5. List references that can be used to verify both your dates of employment and the skills that are included in your resume.

    The Canadian Government is very supportive of foreign worker recruitment and has fair rules in place to protect both you and the employer.

Click below to read the most recent press release from the Canadian Government on foreign worker recruitment.

News Release – An Immigration System That Works For Canada’s Economy