Immigration Services

Davis Immigration Law Office offers a wide range of immigration services and specializes in Canadian immigration to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. We are able to provide advice regarding temporary permits, such as if you wish to visit family or attend school in Canada, work permits, such as if you require a work permit to work at a job, permanent residency, business applications, such as if you wish to qualify as a federal entrepreneur, family options, such as if you are sponsoring children, refugee applications, humanitarian applications, and more.

In addition to focusing on Canadian immigration, Davis Immigration Law Office also offers services and advice to those seeking immigration from Canada to the United States. We can provide advice regarding family-based immigration options, employment-based immigration options, citizenship services, and miscellaneous border issues. It is our goal to make your immigration as simple as possible for you.

To be able to provide you with detailed and accurate advice, we must first know your situation and needs. For this reason, we have created a detailed questionnaire which tell us about your background. Once you’ve completed this questionnaire, we will be able to advise you on the best way to immigrate to Canada.

Click here for the questionnaire. The questionnaire is also available in Spanish here.

Please download the pdf form to your computer. Please print the document and then complete with black pen and fax to our office at 1-204-975-1655.

Requires Acrobat Reader. Get it here.