What is a Recruiter Licence


Recruiter Licence Difference

What should you know about Foreign Worker Recruiters?

First it is important to know that recruiters are not all the same. Each Provincial Government has a small number of recruiter licences that are available. These licences are difficult to obtain and hold the recruiters to the highest standard of care of both the worker and the employer.

japtnr10201By April 1, 2009, anyone engaged in foreign worker recruitment in Manitoba is required to have a licence from the Employment Standards Branch. This requirement results from the New Worker Recruitment and Protection Act, which increases protections for foreign workers.

Under legislation, a person or firm providing consultation, advice or representation to a person/client for a fee or other consideration must be an authorized representative as per definition explained above.

CMV holds a recruiter licence and adheres to all the parameters the Canadian Government has set out. It is also important to understand that these licensed recruiters are bound by the agreement and cannot charge the applicant (worker) any kind of fee for their participation in the selection process.

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